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“There is no conclusive proof that cigarette smoking leads to lung cancer”

(Tobacco Companies)

“There is no evidence that man made human release of carbon dioxide, methane or green house gases are causing a disruption of the earth’s climate, this change is a naturally occurring phenomenon”

(Oil Companies)

“The current financial crisis is only temporary, we just need to stop outsourcing, tighten up government and improve financial regulation. It’s nobody’s fault”

(Republicans, Democrats, Corporations)

 “ . . . .One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. . .

 You Get My Point!

In response to the present “Occupation of Wall Street,” some might simply argue that Americans have willfully participated in a fantasy and are now angry because “happily ever-after” didn’t happen, especially when you stop to consider that much of the world wakes up to a daily zero to zero survival game, where children learn early on that life is hard and unpredictable.  And when things get
really crazy they dig deeper down into their core to find whatever’s necessary
to keep going.

I wonder what we’d do if America had a REAL Disaster, man-made or natural. Could you call on your family and friends during a major crisis? Are you able to rely on your neighbors for help? How about your local police department? What would you do if the local grocery store ran out of food?
You are probably thinking oh, that could never happen here!  . . . . . . .Can you say… Titanic?

I digress . . . Pardon me.

However chaotic the protests, to whatever degree the growing numbers of dissenters on Wall Street and around the country are unsure of how to express their needs, one thing is for sure, folks are fed up and angry about the current state of things.  Whether you are about building or, tearing down, whether you are standing by or just watching it all happen, the ground is also shaking beneath you, so you might want to have a plan B!

Stay Close…..


Dr. Joy DeGruy

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